How to become a Trail Quester

What is a Trail Quest? We have pulled together a quick guide to aid you to get the most enjoyment out of your Trail Quest®.


Trail Quest is all back to front! The idea is to print the Trail Quest at home. It is best if you print the Trail Quest onto A4 PAPER, print double sided, and on the short edge. Then fold your Trail Quest into a tri-fold brochure.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

If you don’t have a printer, you can complete a number of our walks on a Mobile or a Tablet. You will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader App so that you can check off clues as you find them.


Our Trail Quests range from 2-6km long and are a gentle walk. We try our hardest to make sure that all Trail Quests are accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Find out who each walk is best for, from the front of each Trail Quest.

Start Location

All the Trail Quests start at public transport, such as a train station or bus stop. You should check the start location in advance so that you can plan your trip.

Directions & Clues

A map or local knowledge of the area is not needed. Follow the directions, and they will lead you to the clues. All our clues are on permanent structures, such as buildings, statues, plaques and fountains. Don’t forget to look both up and down to find a clue.

Stuck on a clue

Sometimes you might be stuck on a clue. It could be that a clue is covered up for renovations. We have set up a clue helpline. Look on the puzzle page of the Trail Quest to find out how to get help on a clue.

True Story

Each Trail Quest is based on a true story from the local area. Once you have completed a Trail Quest, follow the instructions on the back page to submit your answer. Submit your answer either by text or email and receive a free text/ email back with the full, true story.

Enter your answer for a chance in a monthly prize draw for a free Trail Quest.

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