Scavenger Hunt Parties

I LOVE scavenger hunt parties!

Exploring new areas, taking crazy photos and videos and the competition (I’m not competitive at all!). Best of all bringing a whole bunch of people together and having a blast!

We’ve compiled this free Scavenger Hunt with 30 activities and challenges, and the points and rules. Just follow our checklist to organise your event and have a great time! You can complete this hunt anywhere.

So, if you are organising an office party, a birthday party, a stag or hen event, start with our free Scavenger Hunt.  Just enter your name and email address at the bottom of the post, submit, then click on the orange text to download your Scavenger Hunt for Parties.

Scavenger Hunt Parties



  1. Pick a location and the meetup These scavenger hunts are great when you can do everything on foot. Pick a location that has some shops, parks and public spaces
  2. Schedule a date and tell all your friends about it! At least two weeks beforehand
  3. Choose a theme and have participants dress up in crazy costumes. We have had people running around the city dressed as colours, superheroes, Halloween themed and animals
  4. Remind everyone ahead of the event for the following:
    • All activities require each team to have a camera phone that also captures video clips. Make sure you charge up ahead of the event and if anyone has mobile chargers to bring them along!
    • Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes, something that is good for walking in.
    • Don’t forget sunscreen, hat and water
    • Bring a pen and a bag to put in items as you find them.
  5. Add the finish time and location and your emergency contact number in the rules attached to the scavenger hunt
  6. Print out a copy of the scavenger hunt for each team.
  7. Bring spare pens and bags for each team
  8. Bring prizes for the winning and losing teams.
  9. During the scavenger hunt, text the teams with any additional activities that are unique to the area.