Are you looking for a unique activity for your next team building event? One that will get your team EXPLORING,  and will get them DISCOVERING. To ensure they get maximum ENJOYMENT. Check out our corporate Trail Quest options.

The objectives of the events are:

  • Provide an opportunity for team members to get out and EXPLORE with a unique event experience.
  • Create a non-threatening environment where team members can DISCOVER more about each other.
  • Foster a positive team environment through an ENJOYABLE team event.

The Great Quest

First, we have The Great Quest. This team building event is a great activity to get teams outside, exploring and working together.

GOAL –  Each team will receive a set of fun activities, with a set of rules. The team to complete the most amount of activities in the time provided will be declared the winners.

ACTIVITIES –  In addition, you will be outdoors for the Great Quest, so plenty of fresh air and exercise. Participants will sing, take photos and short film clips – all guaranteed to make you laugh. We can add, remove or modify activities to create the appropriate mix of tasks for your company goals and budget.

PURPOSE – This is a great event for a corporate away day. Or, if you’re moving offices and looking for a fun activity to help orientate staff, try the Great Quest.

LOCATION – We can organise The Great Quest in any area of your choosing.


Specifically designed Quest

Second, we have Trail Quest designed for you. Based on our Trail Quest format – A Trail Quest can be designed specifically for your company. Further, the Trail Quest will reveal some history or obscure fact about your business.

Moreover, the Trail Quest is a great activity for can team-building, introductions to new staff or for your customers to understand more about your company.

Finally, Trail Quests are set around the area of your choice, typically your office location. Each Trail Quest map consists of detailed directions, a puzzle to solve and clues to help you along the way.



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