Scavenger hunt for kids

Scavenger Hunt for kids


The holidays are fast approaching! If you are looking for fun activities to do at home, download our free Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Just enter your name and email address at the bottom of the post, submit, then click on the orange text to download your Scavenger Hunt for Kids.


With four game cards and over 100 items to find, Scavenger Hunt for Kids will entertain your kids for hours!

Scavenger Hunt for Kids




To be the player with the most items!


Set up

  1. Find a watch or timer and choose someone to be the Timer. The Timer will not look for objects during the game.
  2. Get a bag to put all your objects inside as you find them.

Playing the game

  1. Everyone takes one game card, either Orange, blue, green or pink.
  2. When the Timer says “Go” everyone rushes around the house for 2 minutes looking for everything on their game card. Use your bag and make a pile of your objects as you find them.
  3. When the Timer yells ” Times Up”, everyone must stop and go back to the Timer.
  4. You get one point for every item collected in the 2 minutes.
  5. When the Timer says “Go”, everyone rushes around for another 2 minutes looking for the rest of the items on their game card.
  6. Repeat number 3, 4, & 5 until someone has collected all items on their game card. When this happens, they must shout SCAVENGER BINGO
  7. Everyone must return to the Timer and confirm that someone has every item on their game card.  They are declared the winner.


  1. The Timer will then yell ” Cleanup!” and everyone must put everything away. The first one back to the Timer, having put everything away, is the cleanup winner! 


(Disclaimer: We recommend parental supervision, and participation in Scavenger Hunt for Kids is at player’s own risk.)