What is a Trail Quest?

A Trail Quest is a walking route much like a treasure hunt. Each Trail Quest provides directions for you to follow, clues for you to find and a puzzle to complete. The final answer will reveal a historical story about the area you have walked.

Discover where the butcher’s knife was found, or who the famous gangster from Surry Hills was. Discover authors and musicians, and the stories behind some of Australians famous historical men and women who shaped Australia.

Find clues on plaques around your walk, from names of buildings, statues and monuments that normally you just walk past. You have to look up and down and take in the streets around you.
Once you have solved the puzzle submit your answer via SMS to reveal the full story and to be entered into a monthly prize draw.

Who can do a Trail Quest?

Trail Quests are fun for everyone at any time that suits you.
• Families looking for something different to do
• For tourists wishing to see more of the area
• For friends wanting to catch up
• Trail Quests are great team building exercises
• Trail Quests are great for schools as the children learn as they walk around their local areas

Trail Quests are for all fitness levels. They range from 2km to 6km and take 1hr-3hrs to complete.
The front of each walk shows the distance, estimated time to complete the walk and accessibility such a steps, steep hills or wheelchair friendly.

Where can I find a Trail Quest?

We have a number of Trail Quests across Sydney with more being added on a regular basis. Click on find a trail to see where all our walks are.

All our walks are emailed straight to you as soon as you have purchased them.

Over the next year we will be expanding across Australia.

When can I do a Trail Quest?

You can do a Trail Quest in your own time, whenever it suits you. Just buy a walk and the map will be automatically sent to you.

You do not need to enter buildings to find clues, so they can be done at any time.

A few of the walks have a bonus question, this is only if there is a place of interest that we believe if worth visiting, though has either an entrance fee or closing time. You do not need to complete bonus questions to complete a Trail Quest.

How do I buy a Trail Quest?

You can buy Trail Quests straight from this website. Select which Quest you would like to do and follow prompts to purchase the walk.

All trails will be automatically emailed to you, so you can print the walk at home, or follow the walk on your smart phone or tablet.

How do I submit an answer to a Trail Quest?

You can text or email your anwser. Click here for more information.