Top 5 Things to do in Sydney


The Team at Trail Quest are always out and about exploring Sydney, discovering the city’s hidden gems. Here are our top 5 things to do in Sydney and the hidden gems you can find along the way.


1. Sydney Harbour Bridge


Pylon Lookout


Number 1 of our top things to do in Sydney is to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic structure. With many people completing the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.

But did you know you can also climb the Pylon Lookout? Do you see the huge concrete pylon in the picture? There are 200 steps to climb inside the pylon, with three viewing platforms along the way. General admission is only $15 a person.

You’ll get fantastic views of the city, great for that perfect Instagram image. If you would like to know more, then visit the website at

Why not make a day of it and complete a Trail Quest along the way. We have two Trail Quests that cross the Harbour Bridge. You can start at either Wynyard Station or Milsons Point Station. They take different routes, you’ll find different clues and solve two different puzzles.

Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge










2. Manly


Manly Kanagroo


The second of our top things to do in Sydney is visit Manly. Catching a ferry to Manly is an absolute must. It is a great way to view the harbour and enjoy the water. Once at Manly you are spoilt for choices. Surfing at Manly Beach, snorkelling at Shelly Beach, exploring Q Station or chilling out in a number of cafes and restaurants.

Though have you ever seen the Kangaroo on the hill overlooking Manly? Head over to Kangaroo Street to see the statue that has the best seat in the house.

To know more about Manly and its history, follow the Manly Trail Quest to discover a popular entertainer!

Manly Trail Quest









3. Luna Park


Luna Park Sydney


Luna Park is our third of the top things to do in Sydney. On the north-side of the Harbour Bridge, you can see the welcoming face of Luna Park. Did you know there have been eight distinct faces presiding over the main entrance to Luna Park? The seventh face was donated to the Powerhouse Museum. The eighth and current face and been there since 1994!

With Luna Park and Sydney Olympic Pool, there is plenty to do here to entertain the family. Though if you are looking to unwind after a full day, take a stroll along the side of Luna Park to find Wendy’s Secret Garden. It is a great place to chill, have a picnic and escape the crowds.

The Kirribilli Trail Quest, takes you past Kirribilli House, before finishing near the Secret Garden. Complete this Trail Quest to discover a story about Kirribilli House.

Kirribilli House









4. China Town


China Town


China Town is our fourth on our list of top things to do in Sydney. Friday nights are a great time to visit China Town, as you can get some wonderful street food from the local restaurants.

Did you know that the first hub for the Chinese Community in Sydney was at The Rocks? The Community moved to Haymarket in 1890’s, as it is where all the markets could be found.

When you are visiting China Town at night, check out the glowing ‘blue cupids’ along Kimber Lane. If you are visiting during the day, visit the Chinese Friendship Garden for the perfect Instagram photo!

If food is your thing, why not follow our Dumpling Trail and visit 5 dumpling houses around the city. The Trail Quest finishes in China Town, where you can try the fabulous Emperor’s Puffs!

Alternatively, explore China Town to discover the missing vases. Take the time out on this one to visit the Chinese Friendship Garden.

dumpling walking trail

China Town










5. City CBD


Tank Stream Markers

Finally, the CBD is number five of our top things to do in Sydney. The CBD area can be teaming with people and it is easy to get swept along in the crowds. Or you might have worked in the area for years and always too busy to get home or meet friends. Why not visit on a Sunday morning, it is quiet and you can take your time to find all the hidden gems that are around the area. Here are some of our favourite finds:

Tank Stream markers


Clocks in the Queen Victoria Building

The envelope that can not be opened until 2085


To find these and more gems, you could complete our Sydney CBD Quest to discover a great bank robbery or Martin Place to uncover a link to the Royals.

Martin Place
Tank Stream



Wherever you go in Sydney look out for the hidden gems. If you have a hidden gem, please let us know by commenting below!