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Trail Quest is a fun way to explore Redfern a suburb of Sydney steeped in history.


This Trail Quest starts at Redfern Station. You will explore the Innovation Plaza & Redfern Park. You’ll wind you way along to Cleveland Street, the finish the Trail Quest along the High Street for the final set of clues.


Australia Day has been celebrated for many years, there are community breakfasts, beach parties, corroborees and concerts, parades and pageants, sporting events, cultural and historic exhibitions and fireworks displays. Complete this Quest to find out what used to happen in Redfern on Australia Day. So find the clues scattered around the suburb. Solve this puzzle by following the directions and discovering the clues along the way.


The Trail Quest is an easy to follow route with clues to DISCOVER along the way. You will EXPLORE parts of Redfern you have not visited before, having fun and ENJOYING a great day out with family and friends.


It is a circular walk,  5km long and will take 2hrs. This walk has some steps.


Finally, once purchased, you can download and print the Trail Quest straight away. So you can start exploring today.



Additional information


2 to 3 hours




This walk has some steps, though is mostly flat.

Walk type

This is a circular walk, starting and ending at Redfern Station.

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  1. Trail Quest Mike Aldridge says:

    Completed this trail. It was fun to do as well as learning more about the history of Redfern. Aside from this it was good exercise. The group I did it with was friendly and we did it at a pace which was comfortable for everyone.
    The leaflet that were given gave clear and easy to follow instructions. Finding the solution to some clues was straightforward while other ones needed a little more thought given to them.
    The quest sought to answer the question of -‘What happened on Australia Day 1870 in Redfern. The answer may be of a surprise to many.
    Overall an enjoyable and interesting activity to do especially so with family or friends. Worth a shot at if you are looking for something a little different to do.


  2. Trail Quest Carey says:

    Excellent walk. I have lived in this area for 10 years and discovered so many things I never knew were here. Such a great way to get to know different areas, in a fun way. Definitely recommend it. Carey

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