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  1. Mike Aldridge says:

    Completed this trail. It was fun to do as well as learning more about the history of Redfern. Aside from this it was good exercise. The group I did it with was friendly and we did it at a pace which was comfortable for everyone.
    The leaflet that were given gave clear and easy to follow instructions. Finding the solution to some clues was straightforward while other ones needed a little more thought given to them.
    The quest sought to answer the question of -‘What happened on Australia Day 1870 in Redfern. The answer may be of a surprise to many.
    Overall an enjoyable and interesting activity to do especially so with family or friends. Worth a shot at if you are looking for something a little different to do.


  2. Carey says:

    Excellent walk. I have lived in this area for 10 years and discovered so many things I never knew were here. Such a great way to get to know different areas, in a fun way. Definitely recommend it. Carey

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