Walk length 3-4km

These walks are 3 to 4km long and take about 90 minutes to complete.

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  1. Trail Quest Geoff says:

    What a great way to explore CBD!!

  2. Trail Quest Elizabeth C says:

    I had a great day out with my grandchildren. They had a great time looking for the clues. Highly recommended!

  3. Trail Quest Eric M says:

    Wonderful, what a great way to explore Sydney. Great story and I saw parts of The Rocks I would never have visited.

  4. Trail Quest Liz M says:

    I did this with my daughter for Mothers Day – A great day out followed by Dumplings in China Town!

  5. Trail Quest Mike Aldridge says:

    Completed this trail. It was fun to do as well as learning more about the history of Redfern. Aside from this it was good exercise. The group I did it with was friendly and we did it at a pace which was comfortable for everyone.
    The leaflet that were given gave clear and easy to follow instructions. Finding the solution to some clues was straightforward while other ones needed a little more thought given to them.
    The quest sought to answer the question of -‘What happened on Australia Day 1870 in Redfern. The answer may be of a surprise to many.
    Overall an enjoyable and interesting activity to do especially so with family or friends. Worth a shot at if you are looking for something a little different to do.


  6. Trail Quest Carey says:

    Excellent walk. I have lived in this area for 10 years and discovered so many things I never knew were here. Such a great way to get to know different areas, in a fun way. Definitely recommend it. Carey

  7. Trail Quest Carey says:

    Great fun way to explore an area. You stop and start and notice things you wouldn’t normally see. Definitely recommend this walk. Carey

  8. Trail Quest Beverley Stewart says:

    I did the Manly walk and it was great! Got to see lots of different aspects of the area and learnt some interesting facts along the way. It was a wonderful day out – thank you!

  9. Trail Quest Beverley Stewart says:

    I have lived close to Pyrmont for many years but this walk allowed me to see it in a whole new light. Lots of history and interesting facts. Very enjoyable thanks!

  10. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Despite the threatening weather when I did this particular Trail Quest, I enjoyed the adventure (as with all the other Trail Quests I’ve done).

  11. Trail Quest Margaret says:

    This trail quest was not only incredibly interesting in regard to history but such fun! Its well organised and following the clues to find out the final answer to the big question is very well put together by Sam. Highly recommended.

  12. Trail Quest Elizabeth says:

    I had a great day out with my family. It was something different to do in Manly. Clues were interesting and makes you look for the information on buildings. Great story about Bondi at the end!

  13. Trail Quest George says:

    I completed this with friends after work, took a couple of hours. It was a great way to get together with mates! Thank you!

  14. Trail Quest CK says:

    wow! not what I expected!! much fun!

  15. Trail Quest Carol says:

    Fantastic! I won’t ruin it for others – but I learnt so much about this side of Sydney + great views! Highly recommended

  16. Trail Quest Caroline says:

    A great walk one autumn evening – would recommend this locals and tourists! Clues were a mixture – we loved the tricky ones!

  17. Trail Quest Gail Mac says:

    I’ve lived and worked in Sydney for over 10 years! I never knew some of the alleys along this walk. v.interesting.

  18. Trail Quest Rachel Bis says:

    We did this and the recommended tour of the cemetary! worth it do both!

  19. Trail Quest Bex says:

    love the ending to this walk!! not what i expected!

  20. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Historical eye opener! A pleasant way to spend a few hours.

  21. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Fascinating! Well worth the journey to Parramatta.

  22. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    I had a great time, as usual!

  23. Trail Quest hemal karambelkar says:

    Great location and interesting clues to follow. Found many location which people miss usually. Highly recommended.

  24. Trail Quest Natalie Carrington says:

    Fun and yum. Great way to learn more about Sydney and eat some of the best dumpling in town.
    I’d certainly recommend and do it again!

  25. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    My 11 year old granddaughter and I enjoyed finding and decoding the clues on this Trail Quest. So much so that we stayed back to explore Wendy’s Secret Garden and the garden statues on the Luna Park walk to Milsons Point ferry wharf.

  26. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Excellent as usual. We “discovered” lots of interesting places in the back streets PLUS a pleasant surprise – Spice Alley, where my granddaughter and I had a very enjoyable lunch.

  27. Trail Quest Chris Bell says:

    We love it!

  28. Trail Quest Carol Duffy says:

    The kids and I enjoyed this during the holidays. Great afternoon.

  29. Trail Quest Rebecca B says:

    We did both Harbour Trails in one day… planning the next one already,..

  30. Trail Quest Tim Adams says:

    Wow wow – lived here for years never been to half the places!

  31. Trail Quest Vic L says:

    Interesting and fun.

  32. Trail Quest Sophia says:

    We will do another one! great stuff

  33. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Fascinating! An in depth exploration of the inner Sydney suburb of Ultimo – great fun.

  34. Trail Quest Suz C says:

    I loved the forum! Great way to explore!

  35. Trail Quest Margaret H says:

    Very clever and great fun. Easy walk and suitable for most ages and abilities. The historical content is fascinating and I have learned so much about Sydney areas that I have spent a lot of time in over the years. Highly recommended.

  36. Trail Quest Trail Quest says:

    Please let us know if you have any problems with your Trail Quest!

  37. Trail Quest Gary Morris says:

    Most enjoyable. As with all the other Trail Quests I’ve done, I learned some interesting facts.

  38. Trail Quest garymorris says:

    Despite the inclement weather, my 7 year old grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed this Trail Quest.

  39. Trail Quest garymorris says:

    My 9 year old granddaughter and I found this Trail Quest in our home suburb very informative indeed. The historical anecdote at the end was especially intriguing.

  40. Trail Quest info says:

    I did this with my grown up son. Did not think i would enjoy but we had a great evening!!!

  41. Grace Chang says:

    Been to Samanths trial request. Loved it! Fun and friendly . Loves the local knowledge and friends I made!

  42. Fun filled quest with friendly people.

  43. Julie Brown says:

    The trail quest was an interesting way to find out some background information of Coogee. It was well organised. Thanks

  44. Trail Quest bmfraser1 says:

    Completed this on a gorgeous, hot but breezy summer’s day with a group of friends. Very interesting local story revealed at the end. Really enjoyable morning.

  45. Trail Quest info says:

    Great ideas! You could also consider a sail on Sydney Harbour!

  46. Lynore Avery says:

    This was a fun day exploring Summer Hill. We lived in Summer Hill for ten years, but still discovered things about the area that we didn’t know. Met some interesting people too!

  47. Emma Lee says:

    I live about 10 mins from here, but had not seen most of what we saw! Great story at the end too!

  48. Trail Quest garymorris says:

    Most interesting as usual. I am, as always, impressed by the historical richness uncovered when doing these Trail Quests.

  49. Trail Quest c.santos2560 says:

    Discovered so many parts of Circular Quay & the gardens that we would usually walk past.
    The kids loved exploring.